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The Importance of a No Victim Mentality

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The Importance of a No Victim Mentality

No matter what industry you are in, there will always be times when things get hard.

Clients will leave. Staff will disappoint. Sales will drop.

Believe me, it happens to all of us. Even the greats.

When it comes to business adversity, the question is not If, but When.

The real trouble occurs not when you experience hardship, it comes when you let it take over your mind, so that it brings you down.

You must do everything you can to avoid feeling like the victim. You must be resolute in maintaining a No Victim Mentality.

No matter how tough it gets. No matter how bad someone has been to you.

Remember this crucial point: You are ALWAYS in charge of your own mental state. Nobody can make you feel down without your consent.

You have the choice – you can stay positive. You can keep persisting. You can go the extra mile. You can think of a better way.

There is always, always, always a way to improve a situation.

This way of thinking is the No Victim Mentality. And it’s imperative that you adopt it fully in your life.

Those who have mastered the No Victim Mentality, share several characteristics.


They don’t dwell endlessly on the problem. They discipline their mind to look for something, anything, they can do to move things forward and make things better.

They are constantly looking for actions to take, no matter how small, to improve the situation.

And because they are looking for them, they often end up finding them.


You are never much use if you are feeling down. People with the No Victim Mentality stay extremely positive, because they know that only that mental state is conducive to finding solutions.

Being upbeat also inspires and lifts those around you who may have become despondent.


Leaders with a No Victim Mentality keep on going when others have given up long ago. But they don’t mindlessly repeat activities that have clearly borne no fruit.

They adapt. They alter. They refine.

Until eventually they breakthrough.

Please take note of these 3 characteristics of the truly strong entrepreneur, one with a true No Victim Mentality.

Focusing on them in times of hardship takes some work, but in the long run, it is 100 times easier than giving in to failure.

Make This One Change and You’ll Transform Your Wealth

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Make This One Change and You’ll Transform Your Wealth

There are three elements that affect how much success you achieve in business and life.

1. Your strategy
2. Your mental state
3. Luck

(Element 3 is greatly affected by elements 1 and 2).

Today I want to talk about optimising your mental state – and teach you a super simple but astoundingly effective method of improving how you think, so that you are far more successful.

Make this one change and so many parts of your life will improve – the quality of your work, the amount of money you make and your self esteem, just for starters.

The technique is that powerful.

And here it is:

Make the decision that from now on you are going to aim to be the best in the world at your work.

Not just good at what you do, or even great, but literally the best in the world.

If you dare to do this, and follow through with conviction, many great things will happen:

1. Your own personal standards will immediately rise.

Holding yourself to a higher standard is crucial to succeeding at a top level. The best in any field simply demand more from themselves.

What’s quite remarkable is that as soon as you commit to becoming the best in the world you will notice the standard of what you do quickly rise… usually within 3 minutes.

2. Your motivation will skyrocket.

When you decide to play at a truly world-class level, suddenly work seems much more exciting. Being ‘quite good’ at what you do is nothing to get pumped up about, but being the best in the world is a whole different ball game. It’s vastly more inspiring.

3. You will demand more from those around you.

Your staff. Your suppliers. Even your clients.

The moment you decide that you are aiming to become the best in the world, you will instantly see that in order to achieve that you’ll need to get the team around you to also lift their game. Pronto.

You’ll demand more from them, as well as design different ways you can work together that enables a superior result.

Their results will get better. Really quickly.

4. You’ll start aggressively looking for ways to improve.

Suddenly it will be apparent to you that there are numerous areas of your performance that you’ll need to learn to improve. You’ll start hunting for experts, for mentors, for courses that can take you up level after level, until you reach true elite performance.

All 4 of these things happen when you dare to make the decision to become the best in the world.

Will you get there? Will you become literally the best in the world at what you do?

I have no idea. But I’ll tell you two things:

Firstly, you won’t get there unless you aim for it.

There’s an old Persian saying, “Not everyone who ran after a Gazelle caught it. But he who caught it ran after it.”

And secondly, even if you don’t make it to best on the planet, your results will improve so greatly that in 3 years time you will swear that going for it was one of the best moves you ever made.

The Two-Word Solution to Growing Your Business Faster

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The Two-Word Solution to Growing Your Business Faster

At The Fortune Institute, we coach a lot of entrepreneurs on how to grow their revenue quickly.

We mentor business owners from a huge variety of industries.

But strangely, the ones that aren’t doing well almost always have the same problem.

I’ve come to believe that there is one reason, above all others, that is responsible for slow growth in business.

It takes bravery to fix it, but once you’ve made the decision you can see an extremely rapid increase in your company’s revenue.

This business building strategy can be summed up in just two words.

Ask more.

Make asking people for money the central activity you do each week, and you will soon be making a lot more revenue.

Ask all your old clients to buy from you again.

Ask all your old leads to re-consider working with you.

Ask all your current clients to buy something else from you – even if you have to brainstorm what that could be.

And if you are sitting around your office angry at how slow your company is growing, get on the phone, call up potential clients, and ask them for a meeting.

Consistently asking for business changes everything. Fast.

But so many entrepreneurs are too scared to do it.

They want to sit back and wait for the clients to come to them.

If you do that, your company’s growth will always be capped – it will be a fraction of what it could be.

You have to get out there and ask, ask, ask.

Consistently. Creatively. Compellingly.

The simple fact is, two words will solve almost all entrepreneurs’ growth problems.

Ask more.

The Mindset of a Top Entrepreneur

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The Mindset of a Top Entrepreneur

Great entrepreneurs don’t just show up to work.

They take the time to get their mind right first.

It’s vital to realise that your state of mind each day plays a huge part on how well you perform, how much you get done, and how big your company grows.

In my experience coaching literally hundreds of entrepreneurs, the very best ones have these 3 mindsets.


Intelligence is not enough to succeed in business. Nor is effort. You need to set much higher standards for yourself than others do.

The single fastest way you can change your life is to take a few minutes to conceive a different and higher set of standards for how you will behave from now on.

What will you no longer accept? From you, your partners, your team and your suppliers?

Get clear on those higher standards and insist that others in your orbit stick to them.

I guarantee you, your results will change within 24 hours when you do this.


It’s fascinating to watch mediocre performers work. They are often very hard workers, but they focus large amounts of time on things that don’t really matter that much.

One of the greatest myths about highly successful people is that they get super human amounts of work done.

The reality is that often they do not, but they get more of the precious few tasks that actually matter done – they phone the right person, make the right decision, move the right goal forward.

They may not work longer hours (indeed they regularly work shorter hours) but they are very careful to spend their time doing the things that will really move their business (and their life) forward.


Anyone can be an optimist when work is going well. The best performers are able to maintain their enthusiasm and hope even when everyone around them has given up, or is expecting failure.

They do this by:

  1. Looking relentlessly for solutions and new steps forward.
  2. Disciplining themselves to focus their mind on their desired vision, rather than their immediate circumstances.

There is a lot of wisdom in those last two points. I urge you to take a moment to really think about them, and whether you are using them enough in your own life.

If you can establish and stick to very high standards, focus on the precious few activities that really matter and train yourself to remain optimistic even when under pressure, I can unreservedly tell you this:

You will live a life of extraordinary success.

[Case Study] How To Increase Sales By 1,470% (And Four More Ways to Double Sales)

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[Case Study] How To Increase Sales By 1,470% (And Four More Ways to Double Sales)

Every company wants to increase its sales volume. Happily, you can take inspiration from those that managed it. Companies like Valve and Innocent Smoothies have developed strategies to boost sales. Here’s what you can learn from them.

Wouldn’t it be nice to double your sales?

More sales means more revenue, which opens the door for growing your company.

The problem comes when developing the strategies to boost sales. There are so many ideas floating around that it’s difficult to pick the strategies that work. If you make the wrong decisions, you won’t double your sales. You could even end up losing sales if you’re not focusing your sales efforts in the right areas.

Happily, there are plenty of companies that offer great examples. Valve, Innocent Drinks, and several others have created strategies to boost sales that actually work. This article examines some of the best of them and discusses how these strategies can apply to your business.

Valve – Clever Use of Discounts

Valve has evolved into one of the largest companies in the video game landscape. The developer of seminal titles like Half-Life 2 and Portal, the developer is perhaps best known for its Steam platform. This online platform allows players to buy, gift, and access games digitally. It doesn’t just host Valve’s games either. Today, practically every video game developer uploads its games onto Steam. It’s seen as the ideal way to get a game out in front of more people.

Of course, Valve aims to drive sales of all of these games because it gets a cut of the profits. But how can it do that? With so many games available on the platform, how can the company improve the flagging sales of a game that has potential?

The company uses discounts to great effect. They recognise that many gamers make their purchases during the holiday seasons. To ensure it stands out from similar platforms, Valve creates strategic discounts for games that the public wants. These can range from 10% discounts to a whopping 75% discount.

This is one of its key strategies to boost sales. During these periods, the games that it discounts by 10% see a 35% increase in sales. But the games it discounts by 75% see a whopping 1470% increase. All told, Valve’s holiday sales often increase its revenue by as much as 500%.

Some in sales see discount as a dirty word. Sure, a discount leads to more sales, but discounts can also mean low margin. Valve’s example shows you how you can use discounts to double your sales. It’s all about the right timing, coupled with an understanding of what your audience wants.
Use discounts sparingly and they become more effective. Valve’s holiday discounts have now become an event unto themselves. Gamers flock to the platform during the holiday season because they know they’re going to grab a bargain. Valve’s discounts have become one of its key marketing strategies to increase sales and revenue. Moreover, the strategy helps them to stand out from similar providers during the periods when gamers have the most money to spend.

Innocent Drinks – Hit the Right Notes with Your Content

Founded in 1998, Innocent Drinks started life as a three-person operation. Their goal? To penetrate the hyper-competitive drinks market.

It’s a big ask for any company, never mind one that had so little financial muscle at its disposal. Yet the company has evolved since those early days to become one of the largest beverage companies in the world. Furthermore, it’s branched out its product offering to include a range of health foods.

Its content strategy plays a huge role in the strategies to boost sales that it uses. Innocent Drinks separates itself from its competitors because it has a unique voice that its audience connects with.

The company’s “Skip to the Beet” drink exemplifies this strategy. The name alone highlights the humour-filled and conversational tone that the company takes. But so too does the product description:

“Red velvet. A decadent cupcake recipe, but also a great way to describe the colour of this new cold pressed juice, which we make from tasty beetroot juice, blended with apple juice, carrot juice, lemon juice and a touch of ginger. It’s beautiful, it’s beetrooty and it’s blooming brilliant. We say cancel the cupcake and have a cold glass of this instead.”

There are so many great things that Innocent Drinks does with this description. They keep the tone upbeat and informal. The use of words like “beetrooty” and “blooming” means that this description stands out from the dry marketing copy that other companies use. But beyond that, it also stays on track with the company’s mission. Innocent wants to make you healthier. This description both engages you and tells you how the drink will do that.

Finding your voice in your content is one of the key marketing strategies to increase sales. Innocent used this tactic to separate themselves from their competition. It stays consistent with this type of message. Furthermore, the company always relays its off-beat descriptions back to the health benefits of its products. As a result, customers feel a connection to the company.

Do the same and you’ll double your sales because you stand out and connect with customers on a different level.

Body Ecology – Revamp Your Website

Body Ecology is a diet product store that offers all sorts of products online. From supplements to educational materials, the company cover the gamut of the diet industry.

But their website had a problem. It wasn’t achieving the levels of sales that the company needed.

The company identified its navigational structure as a potential problem. Previously, it had used a drop-down menu that people could use to navigate to different product categories. It was functional, but it was also very dry. It did nothing to engage users.

Body Ecology decided to change things up and create a new products page. This page made heavy use of images, as well as the old text descriptions. In doing this, the company creates a more engaging website that draws the user’s attention and makes them want to find out more.

The end result proved the effectiveness of this tactic. Body Ecology discovered this revamp was one of the best ways to double sales. In fact, they experienced a 56.43% boost in revenue with the new navigational structure.

Here’s why this is one of the best strategies to boost sales. Web technology evolves on an almost constant basis. As it evolves, so too do the needs of your consumers. They come to expect a certain level of quality from the websites they visit. Those that stick to old design tactics, such as the use of text-heavy navigation, get left in the dust.

A website revamp that takes modern design tropes into account engages visitors. They see a site that looks the part, which makes them more willing to explore its content. Body Ecology used this to great effect as one of its strategies to boost sales.

Boutique London Lets – Careful International Expansion

On the surface, Boutique London Lets’ business looks like a niche endeavour. It manages serviced luxury apartments in London, England. There hardly seems to be any scope for expanding sales beyond a certain point.

But the company found a strategy that too few organisations use. It leveraged the internet to expand internationally. Better yet, it did it without spending a ton of money.

Operating on a small budget, the company took to the web to hire competent people who would aid in its international expansion. The aim was to provide quality accommodation for travellers in as many different places as possible. They used freelancing websites to secure the talent they needed. This meant they found talented individuals that cost less than hiring third-party consultants. Today, the company operates in the UK, USA, and Australia, among others.

More importantly, they showed that this clever expansion technique is one of the best ways to double sales. In fact, the company tripled revenue for three consecutive years using this technique. Today, its overseas operation accounts for about 90% of its revenue.

Here’s the key takeaway. Expansion into new territories often leads to increased sales. But it’s how you manage this expansion that determines how much extra revenue you earn. Boutique London Lets could have splashed the cash on its international expansion. They’d have achieved similar results at a much greater cost. In this situation, you may double your sales without achieving the desired margin.

Instead, the company identified ways to expand that wouldn’t break the bank. Firstly, they figured out what they wanted to achieve with the expansion. Then, they worked within their means while using innovative ideas to broaden their scope.

JetBlue – Define Your Email Strategy

Most companies just shoot out plain sales emails in an attempt to attract customers. These usually get consigned to the spam folder, which means you spend money on ineffective marketing.

JetBlue took a different approach. The company is the United States’ sixth largest airlines because of its unique sales strategies.

Its email campaigns play a huge role in this. Before sending out a sales email, the team at JetBlue asks the following questions:

  • Will this have a negative impact on our brand?
  • What are the goals of this email?
  • What customer actions will trigger this email? An example of this could be a customer who drops out after adding a flight to their shopping cart. JetBlue may then send a targeted email to try to bring that customer back on board.
  • How will the design engage the reader?
  • If you can answer these questions satisfactorily, you can create a more effective email strategy. In JetBlue’s case, this strategy saw them enjoy a more than 1600% revenue increase in comparison to plain sales emails.

    Here’s what you can learn from this. It’s not enough to communicate with potential customers in the same way as everybody else. Any communication that you send, be it an email or marketing pamphlet, needs to have a purpose. It must stay on brand, engage the recipient, and offer some degree of personalisation.

    The Final Word

    There’s no single strategy for doubling your sales. Some of these techniques may work for you, whereas others may not. But a combination of them allows you to develop a stronger and more successful sales strategy.

    Here are the key takeaways from this article:

  • Use discounts sparingly and time them for key sales periods.
  • Ensure your website meets your visitors’ expectations.
  • Mind your budget whenever you expand your business.
  • Use marketing content to separate yourself from your competition.
  • Ensure everything that you send out has a purpose and will engage recipients.

    With the right strategy, you can boost your sales enormously. Don’t stick with stale methods that don’t get results. Try something new and you will see a spike in your organisation’s sales.

    The Ridiculously Simple 5-Step System to Grow Your Company

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    The Ridiculously Simple 5-Step System to Grow Your Company

    Are you finding growing your business difficult?

    Here’s a crazy simple formula for making it happen:

    1. Reach out to people who might be interested in your company, and tell them you exist.

    2. Build an email list of the people who showed interest in what your company does.

    3. Email them weekly helpful tips centered around what you do.

    4. Reach out to them every month or two with ways they can do business with you.

    5. Repeat.

    Does that sound too simple?

    Well here’s the reality.

    90% of business owners don’t do Number One – reach out often to potential buyers.

    90% don’t consistently grow their email list.

    90% don’t email that list useful tips and strategies weekly – to build rapport and trust and awareness.

    90% don’t regularly reach out and ask them to buy stuff.

    And 90% of the people who start doing this, don’t do it repeatedly.

    And THAT is primarily why most businesses fail.

    So try this method for 6 months. And watch what happens.

    Want to make more money in your business? Stop doing these tasks.

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    Want to make more money in your business? Stop doing these tasks.

    Entrepreneurs are always complaining they don’t have enough time.

    Yet they spend much of their week doing low level, non money producing tasks.

    Mailing letters, handling trivial details, dealing with low level suppliers etc.

    Pretty soon they have no time for the things that count:

    Reaching out to prospective clients… Finessing new business marketing systems… Increasing how much current clients spend with you.

    You may think you’re saving money doing the low level tasks yourself, but it is actually costing you a fortune.

    The best solution is to hire an assistant for a few days a week.

    They can be virtual (find them on, Fiverr or Upwork).

    Or they can physically be in your office. Either works well.

    Once you hire them you’ll find a very interesting thing will happen.

    You’ll start brainstorming ways they can help you save time, just to fill up their time.

    Within a month you will have unlocked enormous amounts of time that you can use to really build your business.

    You could quite easily triple the amount of time you spend each week on revenue increasing activities.

    Your workload will be simpler. Clearer. More manageable.

    With a good assistant, you’ll feel much more in control. Much calmer too.

    Your profits will rise. And your stress levels will fall.

    Give it a shot.

    Money loves speed. Are you working fast enough?

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    Money loves speed. Are you working fast enough?

    If you’re having trouble growing your business, take a look at your timelines.

    Sometimes entrepreneurs give themselves far too long to get things done.

    (Just because you have the time available doesn’t mean you should use it)

    Try this exercise for one week:

    With each major task you have to do, estimate how long it will take. Then give yourself a deadline of half that time.

    Constantly exert pressure on yourself to hit that deadline, however unlikely it may seem to you that you can do it.

    Two things will happen.

    Either you’ll surprise yourself and get it done in half the time.

    Or you’ll fail to do it, but have achieved far more than you would have had you not pushed yourself.

    Either one is a big win.

    There’s another strong advantage to trying to do things in half the time. One rarely appreciated.

    Moving fast improves your mood. It’s exciting to get momentum, to see things getting done quickly.

    As Tony Robbins concluded after 20 years of research, ‘Progress equals happiness’.

    Money loves speed.

    And once you get used to it, you will too.

    Coca-Cola’s Customer Engagement Secrets (And Four Other Tips for Improving Social Media Marketing Funnels)

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    Your organisation needs social media to keep the modern consumer engaged. Companies like Coca-Cola can help you to create quality social media marketing funnels.

    The advent of the internet opened up a new marketing frontier. But it was the introduction of social media that made the web crucial to your marketing efforts.
    Creating a strong social media presence is key to your marketing sales funnel.
    It helps you to:

  • Share important information
  • Communicate with customers
  • Generate positive word of mouth
  • Increase brand exposure
  • Increase your sales
  • But how do you create effective social media marketing funnels?

    The world’s largest brands can show you. Companies like Coca-Cola and Woolworths have mastered their social media strategies. So too have Coles, IBM, and Disney. In fact, they’ve all made their social media channels a key part of their marketing sales funnels.

    This article examines some tips you can use, plus some examples of social media marketing done well.

    Coca-Cola – Use Social Media to Interact With Customers

    With over 3.4 million followers and 226,000 tweets, Coca-Cola has one of the most active Twitter pages out there. And that’s not counting the many extra pages they create for specific products and locations.

    Coca-Cola uses Twitter to share important information. But it’s how they interact with customers that makes it an important part of their social media marketing funnels.

    A good example is the company’s interaction with a store owner named Rhett Gillins. After some disappointing service, Gillins took to Twitter to vent his frustration. He mentioned how the company hadn’t responded to his complaints despite the fact that he had made six calls.

    The Coca-Cola Twitter team got on the case. Within an hour, they posted the following response directly to Gillins:

    “Really sorry to hear that Rhett! Please send us more info at so we can look into this.”

    The provided short URL led directly to a Coca-Cola customer service page.

    Here’s why this sort of interaction is so important to your digital marketing funnel. Coca-Cola immediately diffused a difficult situation with a prompt response. Instead of losing a customer, they kept him in the funnel with quality service.

    Moreover, they did it publicly. As a result, potential customers can see that the company takes an active stance with complaints. This display of quality service may have led to even more people entering the Coca-Cola marketing sales funnel.

    The key takeaway is to use your social media pages to interact with customers. Handle complaints promptly and keep conversations going. You engage customers, which keeps them in your funnel. Importantly, non-customers see these interactions and may enter your marketing funnel as well.

    Woolworths – Make Your Product Look Amazing

    Woolworths market themselves as the “Fresh Food People”. With a tagline like that, they have to follow through on their claims. If potential customers see cheap and unappealing products, they’ll view the company as liars. This prevents those customers from entering Woolworths’ marketing sales funnel. Plus, it can lead to the spread of negative word of mouth that further damages sales.

    So, how does Woolworths use social media to reinforce its message?

    Instagram is the answer. The company’s Instagram page offers tons of pictures of fresh homemade meals. There’s a clear implication with each – shop at Woolworths and you can get the ingredients you need to make these dishes.

    The company’s Instagram has about 90,000 followers, so it’s still growing. But each picture it shares attracts hundreds of likes and a few comments.
    Somebody who has never shopped at Woolworths may see one of these pictures and wonder about the source. Often, that’s all you need to get somebody to enter your marketing sales funnel.

    Here’s what you can learn from Woolworths’ strategy. Flaunt your most attractive products. They’re your key to catching the attention of new customers. Moreover, existing customers may share your content, which increases interest in your product. Both lead to more people entering your marketing funnels.

    IBM – Become a Thought Leader

    IBM uses its content as a means to bring people into its social media marketing funnels. However, it doesn’t have a centralised approach. Employees write their own blog posts, with some contributing to IBM’s blog. The best of this content ends up on the company’s “Voices” website.

    So, where does social media come into this?

    IBM needs a platform for sharing this content with people who may find it interesting. Sharing the best content that its employees produce helps IBM position itself as an industry thought leader.

    They have a simple aim – provide useful information to their readers. This could mean anybody from the casual reader through to business partners. Often, the articles don’t directly sell a product. IBM is more interested in engaging the reader than selling to them. It’s an indirect method that has amazing effects.

    As a thought leader, IBM influences the markets it operates in. Potential customers see that this is a company with its finger on the pulse. They’ll also remember whenever they read useful content that carries the IBM branding.

    All of this keeps IBM fresh in the minds of potential customers. When these readers do have a need for one of the company’s products and services, they’re more likely to enter IBM’s marketing sales funnel.

    Understand that social media platforms aren’t about selling directly to customers. Use them to engage people instead. Create relevant content that gets people talking. You’ll expose your brand and keep it fresh in people’s minds. As an industry thought leader, customers will come to you because they trust you.

    Coles – Offer Usable Advice

    Another of Australia’s grocery sector giants, Coles is a multibillion dollar company. It also uses social media to attract people into its marketing sales funnel.

    Check their Facebook page and you’ll see that Coles follows a similar strategy to Woolworths. They want people to see their products in action. As a result, they post pictures and videos encouraging people to give their products a try.

    But there’s a key difference.

    Coles doesn’t just post a picture and leave it there. They also engage with their followers in the comments section of each post. In many cases, they’ll contextualise their content with usable advice.

    A post from 25th January highlights this technique. Coles shares a quick video showing followers how to make a confection called pastry lamingtons. This video doesn’t go into too much detail. Instead, it focuses on how delicious the dessert looks.

    The detail comes in the video’s comment section. Coles immediately comments with a recipe that tells people exactly how to make what they’ve just seen in the video.

    Naturally, you can buy all of the ingredients at a Coles store.

    This is a two-pronged approach to pulling people into their social media marketing funnels. First, the company entices the viewer with an appetising product. Secondly, they tell them how to make it using products found at Coles.

    Here’s why this is so effective. Coles shows their followers how they can use their products in the real world. Their advice may lead to somebody heading to one of the stores just to buy the product. With a video and comment, Coles leads the viewer through every stage of their marketing sales funnel.

    Disney – Relate Your Content to Current Trends

    Disney builds its brand around its ability to tell stories. Naturally, that’s a big part of its social media campaign too. Disney shares content that its followers can relate to. This could be a gif image of a beloved scene from one of its movies or a snippet of a song.

    But there’s an added twist.

    Disney often associates the content it shares to whatever’s trending among social media users.

    A great example comes from a tweet it sent out in July of 2015. Apparently, the third Sunday of July is National Ice Cream Day in the United States. Disney commemorated this with a picture from the motion picture Up. It featured the main character tucking into an ice cream, with a caption that included the #icecreamday hashtag.
    With one post, Disney accomplished three things:

    1. Association with a popular trend
    2. Engaging their followers with relevant content
    3. Marketing a film that followers can purchase

    It’s a simple process that works remarkably well. Associating yourself with trends keeps your business in the public eye. Linking your product to those trends can then draw followers into your marketing sales funnel.

    The Final Word

    Social media doesn’t work like traditional marketing. You’re focusing less on directly selling to the people who visit your pages. Instead, you want to keep them engaged with your brand.

    It’s all about sending messages that keep people coming back for more. The above examples show how varied you can make these messages. Perhaps you can focus on offering useful advice or show customers that you’re there to help them when they have issues. You can use your social media pages to link yourself to current trends or to show off your products.

    All of these techniques have one goal – bringing people into your marketing funnel. Use them today to make your social media pages more engaging. You’ll attract more followers, which leads to higher sales.

    Today the great Roger Bannister died

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    Today the great Roger Bannister died.

    Bannister was the guy who in 1954 achieved what virtually the entire world said was impossible.

    He ran a mile in under 4 minutes.

    The running experts said it couldn’t be done.

    The physiology experts said a human could not move at that speed for that long.

    But Roger Bannister believed it was more than possible, he believed that he himself would do it.

    And when, on May 6th 1954, he did achieve the impossible, something amazing happened.

    46 days later, his main rival (Australian competitor) John Landy, beat Bannister’s time.

    Since then, the “four-minute barrier” has been broken by many athletes and is now the standard of all male professional middle distance runners.

    Over the last 50 years the “impossible” record has been lowered by almost 17 seconds, currently standing at 3:43.13.

    Roger Bannister, however, became the symbol of a very important idea.

    Your expectation hugely affects your results.

    Or as Henry Ford put it, “If you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.”

    So take a moment to think of Roger Bannister today.

    And how that idea could apply currently in your own life.

    You can do it.

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    • The 9 Laws of Attracting Profit